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Superyachts and Shipbuliding

The superyacht industry builds the most spectacular expressions of maritime self-identity and it engages the most talented to deliver seafaring thrones for ultra-high net worth individuals.  However, it is an industry under scrutiny from broader society that has faced extraordinary challenges in the last 12 years, reinforcing the need for change to make the industry economically, financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Shipbuilding is a dynamic and competitive sector and to survive companies need to continue to evolve, be relevant, efficient, transparent and socially responsible.  Shipyards often play a key role in regional industrial infrastructure, employing directly and indirectly tens of thousands of people, so the importance of longevity and sustainability is now greater than ever before.

We have undertaken Operational Audits in shipyards (superyachts, merchant fleet and military), as well as ship-management companies and understand the core issues facing each of these unique industries.  We can help evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of your operations and assist with realistic, actionable recommendations.  We also advise superyacht builders, owners, designers and lawyers on commercial and strategic goals.

Led by John Leonida there is no one more qualified to understand the core issues faced by the ship and superyacht industries.  We understand the core issues faced by many shipyards and we support and continue to promote efficiency and transparency in the sector.  Our experienced cross-industry team have already faced and met the challenges facing this sector and we can help with the many facets of management challenges:

  • Transparency audits and policy development​

  • Operational and financial audits

  • Risk and liability assessment and management

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Brand development and Marketing Guidance

  • Peer review analysis

  • Mentorship

The Superyacht Industry: About
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