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Time for Reflection

John Leonida speaks to Natalia Langsdale as part of her series “Luxury with Natalia” and reflects upon the possible long term impact of Covid-19 on the Superyacht industry.

First released 19th May 2020

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Art On Board

A superyacht can be the perfect place to showcase your art collection but it is important to  consider both the insurance and logistics surrounding the art being on board. John visits Bonhams to speak to Boat International on some key considerations of keeping your art onboard your superyacht.

First released 27th June 2018

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Defining Custom Yachts

John Leonida explains to Boat International the difference between production, semi-custom and custom or bespoke yachts. Speaking against the backdrop of Cannes and Savile Row tailors Cad & the Dandy.

First released 25th September 2017

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Buying a Superyacht

John Leonida speaks to Boat International and offers advice on buying a superyacht.

First released 27th June 2017

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