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Lena Papadouri takes a look back on our first ten years...

It’s 10 years of diverse work that marks the first decade of LP Squared’s life as a niche consultancy business.  We are immensely proud of the work we have done and look forward to an exciting future.


As the calendar closes on August 2021, I can't help but pause and reflect on this last decade and the roller-coaster of a ride we have been on.  The initial anxiety of setting up a new business, of walking away from a safe career path, a steady income, the comfort of routine and friendly colleagues.


As every business owner knows, there are highs and lows in all initiatives, lots of hard work and plenty of self-imposed expectations.  Learning to work without the support of a huge corporate structure and having no one to delegate any task, took some getting used (the early days were lonely) but determination and stubbornness are traits not to be underestimated, nor is the responsibility of a mortgage!


We took the time to decide who we wanted to be, what work we wanted to do and our company identity followed.  We were small, we were niche and we were nimble.  We are still those things but we have become experts, specialists and full of immediacy. We equally, jump through a lot of hoops just to pitch for work and even more to get onboarded (the joys of being small), but we work hard and our loyal clients are a testament to that.  We can see past the red tape of big organisations, make strategic decisions quickly and start helping from day one.


What started as a Banking and Finance Industry focused team, has grown into multi-industry consulting firm, offering clients a flexible working model that suits their needs.  We’ve worked with over 50 clients, ranging from Global Banks, Insurance Companies, Brokers, Shipyards, Superyacht Builders, UHNWI and SMEs.  We’ve supported start-ups, assisted in turning businesses around and are trusted advisors and mentors to business owners.  We are an independent Management Consultancy team specialising in Strategy, Finance, Operations, Programme and Change Management and Operational Audits.


Operating in the volatile Consultancy market we have experienced steady growth, rapid decline and uncertainty.  Adapting to our ever-changing environment is key; we tweak, we change and we make it work.  We realise there is very little we can do to control external market forces so it is all about how we face them and move forward.  Add to that the invaluable lessons learnt during the coronavirus pandemic and we are ready for a stronger future.  


Fast forward to 2021, our 10th birthday and we are a strong, resilient team, with a diversified portfolio of clients.  As a small business, we know it is the quality of work and our team that makes us successful.  Of that, we are sure.


We want to say thank you for the loyalty, trust, commitment and support we have received from our Team, Associates, Clients and Network.  It’s been an interesting 10 years and thank you for being part of it.  We cannot wait to see where we go next.

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