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Capital Markets and Banking

Even before we experienced a pandemic, business disruption was a hot topic not least because of technology challenges and regulatory reforms which demand greater transparency as well as enhanced and frequent reporting.  Low interest rates and squeezed margins require optimisation of resource for success.  Severe capital requirements, strict and transparent risk management, make cost reduction more crucial than ever before.

Implementing new technologies or improving existing ones require immaculately created transitioning plans.  We are experts in delivering low cost structures which add value.  We have a proven track record in delivering maximum effectiveness with minimum outlay.  

We are proactive and tackle business problems and delivering solutions.  Optimal funding through efficient balance sheet management, total transparency with robust controls; we deliver the whole package.

  • Funding and Liquidity management

  • Balance Sheet management and Asset & Liability matching

  • Transfer Price Modelling

  • Finance Product Control

  • Project Management

  • Operating Model review, definition and implementation

  • Finance Business Strategy 


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