The Superyacht Industry

The superyacht industry is associated with wealth and glamour, but it is still an industry and an industry that employs directly and indirectly tens of thousands of people. It builds the most spectacular expressions of maritime self-identity and it engages the most talented to deliver seafaring thrones for ultra-high net worth individuals. However, it is an industry under scrutiny from broader society and it is an industry that needs to be relevant, efficient, transparent and socially responsible if it is to transform.

The current iteration of the superyacht industry has faced extraordinary challenges in the last 12 years, which has made the thoughtful in the superyacht world begin to ask what needs to change to make the industry economically, financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Led by John Leonida there is no one more qualified to understand the core issues faced by the superyacht industry and supported by a team of experienced cross-industry individuals who have already faced and met the challenges facing the superyacht industry today, the expertise we bring includes:

  • Transparency audits and policy development

  • Risk and liability assessment and management

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Brand development and Marketing Guidance

  • Mentorship


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